September 20th, 2011
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Wait What Present: Nasd Out – Washed Out vs Nas Mash Up Album

From the guy who brought you The Notorious xx, Wait What created another masterpiece, Nasd Out: A Washed out vs Nas mashup album. Check out how this album came about below:

The process for this record began in july 2011 while riding in a van in Bali, trying to find a hidden beach. gina and I had been in the car for three hours, and as she was falling asleep, the washed out album came up on my iPod, and after hearing it once through, I knew I had to do something with it.

I’d tried a couple other concepts for artist-to-artist mashups, and nothing clicked with the nostalgic synthpop of washed out like nas’s flow and observational storytelling. I made a few demos on the plane ride back from southeast asia, then finished up the rest of the demos in my san francisco apartment, salt spring, canada, a coffee shop in los angeles, an airport hotel in dallas, and then on a flight to rio de janeiro. I lived and worked in rio de janeiro for a month, and am releasing this record in the first week all year when I’m not either traveling, working full time, or in the midst of classes at stanford.

Every track on the album works so well together, great stuff. Download the 320kbps version Here or here, and stream the mashup above.


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